Small Forest Trail Map

I’ve been a bit busy over the summer, but here is part of the fruits of my labour – a new map, and a new style of drawing the map as well. I realized that a more painterly style was causing me a lot of headaches, and wasn’t as clear and sharp for players as … Read more

The Glowing Chasm

Northern Cyre rises in gentle, rolling hills to form the Crown plateau. In the past, this was the hideout of bandits and goblins, a violent history that can still be seen in many fortified buildings and romantic ruins. It is now a simple place of farmers, miners and woodcutters, far removed from the glamour of … Read more

Western Plains of the Mournland

The plains and hills of central Cyre are dry and most suited to pasturage. Many of the local people are still nomadic herders with their own colorful traditions, although there are small settled villages and towns along the main trade routes or around castles that specialise in different trades. Spinning and weaving are what this … Read more

Eberron Mournland Hexcrawl

I’ve been working far too much on a side project to create a hexcrawl exploring the Mournland in Eberron for Dungeons and Dragons 5e. For those that don’t know, the Mournland is a landscape warped by magic and covered in dense mist, and it’s described by the creator of the setting, Keith Baker, as a … Read more

Eberron Oracle of War: The Night Land

The first adventure in the Oracle of War Adventurer’s League campaign is DDAL-EB-01 The Night Land by Shawn Merwin. It’s a solid introduction to the setting, and the three adventures it contains introduce the weird nature of the Mournland, the church of the Silver Flame and Daelkyr abominations, and the Emerald Claw quite effectively. The … Read more